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Welcome to our jewelry gallery, specialized in the beauty and elegance of conch pearls. Be enchanted by our selection of unique and handcrafted jewelry. From earrings to necklaces and bracelets, each piece is unique and embodies the natural beauty of these rare pearls. Discover the beauty of conch pearls in our gallery and be inspired to find the perfect jewelry for yourself or someone special.

Available Conch Pearls

Through our connections in
the Caribbean, connected with the
direct contact with divers and
fishermen on site, it is possible for us,
to constantly improve our
expand and complement our offer.


The beauty of the conch
pearls has for centuries
the imagination of people
inspired and they were in
the past a
coveted jewelry stone.


Well known jewelry houses &
designers put these natural beauties in their creations
successfully and thus create unique & challenging

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30 years experience in conch pearl trading