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Conch pearls - The Most Exclusive of All Pearls

You are looking for a unique and rare pieces of jewelry? If so, you have come to the right place.

As experts in conch pearls, we offer a wide selection of high quality and distinctive pearls in various colors and sizes.

A Special Rarity Of Nature

We are a leading distributor of conch pearls, a special type of pearl extracted from the shells of conch shells.

Conch pearls are extremely rare and valuable and are considered a rarity of the Caribbean. They are usually 3-12 mm in size and exist in many shades. The colours vary from white to beige, salmon to pink and reddish brown. The most popular are the deep pink shell pearls (also known as pink pearls). Learn more about the speciality of these pearls.


Each pearl, like us humans, is a unique specimen. A very special gift of Nature.


Conch pearls are rare and found mainly in Caribbean seas.

Enormous variety

Various shapes and colours inspire worldwide jewellery designers and pearl lovers.


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Conch pearls specialist for 30 years

Conch Peals Jewelry

Special designs for the
special occasion

Conch pearls are a world apart - each pearl is unique and has its own beauty. 

Discover the beauty and variety of our jewelry impressions and custom pieces in our galleries. Let yourself be inspired and find your very personal favorite piece.

There is no possibility to grow the Conch pearl artificially.
The value of the pearl depends on the size measured in carats, its shape, color and surface texture.

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Your expert and contact for exclusive Conch natural pearls.

As conch bead specialists, we also offer our customers special services such as external appraisals, special fabrications and application for the necessary CITES papers.

Our experienced team is always available to meet your needs and ensure you have the best possible experience with our pearls. Contact us today for more information.


Benefit from the experience and passion of a well-known established natural pearls trader

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We can use our contacts to find a pearl that is very close to your wishes

CP Handels GmbH

Our Conch pearls come from the Caribbean seas and have a unique pattern that makes each pearl one of a kind. Whether you are looking for a pearl for yourself or a special gift for someone, we have the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion.

We pride ourselves on providing you with not only the highest quality, but also outstanding customer service. Our team is always available to help you choose your perfect conch pearl.

Discover our selection now and experience the beauty and rarity of conch pearls.
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what speaks in our favor

Alfonso Anzivino has absolutely impressed us with his competence and friendliness. His jewelry is unique and of a quality that is rarely found. Particularly noteworthy is the quick and competent response to all our questions. Through the detailed explanations and the convincing value investment, we were convinced from the beginning of the idea of an investment in conch pearls. We can only warmly recommend the CP Handels GmbH dealer and are already looking forward to future purchases from him.
Martin K.

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Benefit from our experience and worldwide contacts. 30 years experience in conch beads trade and Unique conch pearls selection.