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For almost three decades the name “Kurt Hofmann” stood for the exclusive distribution of Conch pearls. In 2018 Mr Alfonso Anzivino and Mr Stefan Auer moved their business activities to Ulm in the course of a takeover, underwent a reorientation and renamed the company “Conch Pearls GmbH”.

As a result of the expansion of our business activities, the company was renamed inCP Handels GmbHin Ulm / Germany.

CP Handels GmbH is Your expert and contact for exclusive Conch natural pearls.

We only sell genuine certified conch pearls.

Thanks to our many years of experience and good business relations, we are in a position to maintain our selection – despite all the rarities of the pearl.

Nevertheless, each pearl is unique. A random gift from nature. It will definitely never be the same pearl again. Be aware of this exclusivity once again.

Nobody can order you exactly the pearl of your wishes. However, we can use our contacts to find a pearl that comes very close to your wishes. Please contact us. 

Benefit from the experience and passion of a renowned, established natural pearl retailer, Conch Pearls GmbH. CP Handels GmbH. CP Handels GmbH.

We are at your disposal for discussions and inquiries.


Alfonso Anzivino 

Stefan Auer

The Conch pearl, like every single one of us, will always be a unique feature. It is meant to be a compliment to those who wear it and symbolize its very own uniqueness.

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