The Conch pearl, or all products from the Strombus Gigas (fencing snail) are protected species and are subject to the Washington Convention on Biological Diversity. CITES papers are required for import and export across national borders.

For us, of course, all our Conch pearls in Germany were introduced by proper CITES paper.

As a special service we take over the application of the necessary CITES papers for you.

 CITES – Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (WA)

Besides the loss of habitat, overexploitation and international trade represent the greatest threat to the survival of wild fauna and flora. To counter uncontrolled international trade, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was negotiated in Washington in 1973. The Convention is also known as the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (WA).

How does CITES work?

CITES regulates international trade in wild fauna and flora species and products of these species. CITES is monitored by national enforcement and other authorities which control trade on the basis of export and import licenses. The aim is to preserve the species in the long term.

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) is the enforcement authority and scientific authority of the WA for the Federal Republic of Germany. She is our contact person for issuing import and export documents for all our Conch pearls.

On these pages you will find detailed information on basic and special topics in this field:



External appraisals

When purchasing one of our Conch pearls, we issue our customers an illustrated certificate of authenticity with exact details and descriptions of the pearls and thus guarantee the authenticity.

On special request it is possible for us to request a report on the authenticity of a recognized laboratory, as we cooperate with various international gemological institutes.

The costs incurred in this connection (depending on the institute) will be invoiced to the interested party; we will of course take over the complete organizational handling free of charge.

Further information on the possible costs – exemplified by the German Gemstone Research Foundation (DSEF).

For some selected pearls of our stock we already have authenticity findings.

These will then of course be handed over to you free of charge.


Your desired pearl

Doesn’t our extensive range of Conch pearls include what you are looking for? Or are you looking for a matching counterpart or the perfect complement for a harmonious pair of pearls for a pearl that you already own?

Due to our stable connections to the Caribbean, combined with the direct contact to divers and fishermen on site, we are able to find a pearl for you on request, which corresponds to your wishes, or comes very close.

But you must never forget: each pearl is a unique piece, a gift of nature that cannot be influenced. But that’s what makes them so unique


Individual jewelry

Each Conch pearl is in its uniqueness and uniqueness already a work of creation or natural art.

However, if you let their beauty, their play of colors or their form have a longer effect on you, there are almost endless and different possibilities to create a great piece of jewelry out of it. The result is a wealth of impressions and inspiration.

We offer you the possibility to design and produce a very individual piece of jewelry according to your wishes, ideas and ideas.

Our designer is bubbling with ideas. It would be a pleasure for him to create a high-quality unique piece around your Conch pearl with his high craftsmanship, full of precision and a lot of love for detail.

Alfonso Anzivino

Goldsmith and designer of Conch Pearls GmbH

Under Impressions we have put together for you a small, spontaneous repertoire from the think tank of Conch Pearls GmbH.

Let yourself be enchanted and inspired…


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