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Nature is an outstanding designer and an absolute perfectionist in creating unique and beautiful creations. The variety of flowers alone seems to set no limits to nature: Color and shape variations in perfect design. Humbly inspired by this, these spontaneous, small combinations of “Fiore” (Italian flower) were created. However, they are only a tiny excerpt […]

Frutti Di Mare

The sea is home not only to the classic seafood, but also to the most precious and diverse (pearl) treasures. It is precisely this diversity that captivates divers so much to the beauty of the underworld and the depths of the oceans. Conch pearls, coral strands, shells, snails and mother of pearl create the overall […]

Conch Duck

Did you look at the clouds as a child and then discover e.g. a lion? Then perhaps you feel like our designer: the pearl in his hand somehow reminds him of a duck’s head and remains in his memory. Shortly afterwards, he discovers a “duck/bird’s body”. Now he just puts these two individual pieces together […]

Conch Bird

Who did not collect stones as a child and then put figures together from them? Our designer was in a similar mood when he saw these pearls from our large stock: A pearl in the shape of a beak. There it was only pure search and hard work to find the matching pearl in wing […]

Le Goccie Rosa

The name stands for itself: “Le Goccie Rosa” – Italian for the “pink drops”. An elegant and romantic design with six beautiful pairs of pink Conch pearls. Nothing would stand in the way of an additional playful gem color gradient, e.g. from brilliant white in the transition to delicate pink. However, only deliberately set additional […]

1.001 Nights

Oriental chandelier earrings, which are also conceivable as pendants. In this exemplary design, the designer wants to show how one can create a harmonious composition from non-visible pairs of pearls, i.e. pearls that at first glance do not stand out as a pair in color and form. There are (almost) no limits to your imagination […]

175 String

175 String stands for the carat weight of the composite necklace made of exquisite Conch pearls. In reality, however, this selection weighs more than 175 ct. This is a unique necklace with a harmonious flow of sizes. With such a creation one can definitely speak of a find of the century in view of the […]


Necklace sketch – special single piece as individual production Watercolor on cardboard with Conch pearls. Design: Alfonso Anzivino An exquisite pearl treasure with unique Conch pearl formations, perfectly laid out at the cleavage. The drop-shaped, unique pearl “Marylin” (to be found under our menu item “Highlights Impressions”) was chosen for the highlight, the final center […]

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