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Necklace sketch – special single piece as individual production Watercolor on cardboard with Conch pearls. Design: Alfonso Anzivino An exquisite pearl treasure with unique Conch pearl formations, perfectly laid out at the cleavage. The drop-shaped, unique pearl “Marylin” (to be found under our menu item “Highlights Impressions”) was chosen for the highlight, the final center […]


Conch pearls necklace mainly made of oval pearls in a particularly exceptionally harmonious color, shape and size progression The color spectrum ranges from soft pink to pink and magenta. The flaming quality and the surface structure is also unparalleled in this abundance: almost 70 % of the pearls show a clearly visible flaming. Furthermore, all […]


Necklace consisting of 25 Conch natural pearls and 48 Swedish natural river pearls in an exceptionally balanced size.   Conch pearls: The color spectrum of the round and baroque-oval pearls ranges harmoniously from light rose and salmon to light pink and rich dark pink. Some of the pearls show a clear, others a partial flame […]


One of the most precious conch pearls in the world A baroque drop in strong and uniform pink. The tip ends in a delicate white color gradient with slight orange/salmon nuances. Tapered white drop outlet ends in a slightly irregular elevation. A fine flame is partially visible under the magnifying glass only. A flawless porcelain […]


This unique baroque drop pair with pointed ends is the largest pair of Conch pearls ever found in the world. A soft, continuous pink with slightly yellowish salmon color gradients ends towards the top in cream / white. A fine flame is partially visible under the magnifying glass. The finest surface gloss on a flawless […]

Le Colombe

Baroque, asymmetrical bulbous drops in snow-white to beige-cream color gradients. A fine flame is partially visible under the magnifying glass only. The pearls have a continuous fine porcelain surface with slight surface irritations. CP18199 68,87 ct 1 x    23,6 x 14,6 x 14,5 mm 1 x    24,6 x 15,4 x 12,9 mm

La Bolla

Baroque, asymmetrical out-of-round in light pink in a white color gradient. A slight flame is partially visible under the magnifying glass. A porcelain surface with various color and form irritations can be seen. One part shows a slight rosebud outgrowth. CP18185 36,98 ct 18,9 x 16,4 x 17,8 mm


Three baroque elongated drops in delicate, light pink with white color gradient. Only under the magnifying glass a fine flame is partially visible. All three pearls have a beautiful porcelain surface. CP18273 49,96 ct 1 x   26,9 x 10,9 x 10,3 mm 1 x   29,3 x  9,0 x   8,0 mm 1 x   31,1 x  9,4 […]


Two pearls in rosebud and hedgehog shape in delicate pink with white color gradients. Some fine flame structure approaches can be seen under the magnifying glass. The surface appears bud-like. CP18169 15,87 ct 1 x 12,8 x 9,6 x 8,6 mm 1 x 11,4 x 11,2 x 9,6 mm


Belly, baroque drop (dog’s tooth) in intense soft rosé, ending in white. A fine silky flame can be seen in the bulbous rosé part under the magnifying glass. A flawless porcelain surface is also convincing. The upper end of the blade tip is slightly broken out. CP18171 56,58 ct 36,6 x 16,5 x 15,3 mm

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