The Conch Pearl

The caribbean rarity

The conch pearl is one of the rarest natural pearls in the world and is made in the sea snail with the Latin name “Strombus Gigas”.

The sites are mainly located in the Caribbean Sea up to the Bermuda Islands. The snail is found by divers at a depth of 40 to 50 meters. Anyway, the Strombus Gigas is not actually fished for the pearls, but for its meat, which is considered as a delicacy in the Caribbean.

This rarity – rarely and of dreamlike beauty – waits in the depths of the sea, hidden in the Strombus Gigas. For those whom it will enchant by its mysterious charm of its unfathomable nature, and who will one day choose it as his favorite piece.

The Conch Pearl will always remain something special

The Conch Pearl as High-Quality unique jewelry

The Conch Pearl has been an insider’s tip for all those who are looking for high-quality and exclusive unique jewelry. Collectors increasingly recognize it as an investment with an increasing tendency.

The uniqueness of the Conch pearl and its enormous variety of shapes and colors inspire jewelry designers and pearl lovers alike. From fashionable to classic: Thanks to the extraordinary nature of Conch pearls, the most diverse artistic concepts and the most individual wishes can be realized without compromise.

Famous and established jewelry designers from all over the world have discovered them for the design of high-quality unique jewelry. Their exclusivity and uniqueness speak for themselves. Their spectacular color nuances, especially the coveted pink, in combination with precious metals allow the Conch pearl to follow all styles elegantly and exclusively. They are the crowning glory of every wardrobe.

The Conch pearl, like every single one of us, will always be a unique feature. It is meant to be a compliment to those who wear it and symbolize its very own uniqueness.


The Pearl book

The gemologist Elisabeth Strack describes in her book “Pearls” all kinds of natural pearls and cultured pearls.

The book is considered by experts as the “the Pearl Book – the Pearl Bible” and provides a fantastic insight into the thousand years history of pearls.

With 696 pages, “Perlen” is the most comprehensive reference work in this field.

More than 650 graphics (including pearl illustrations by Kurt Hofmann), tables, photographs and detailed maps document the history of pearls. In her detailed work, the author also devotes herself in detail to the Conch pearl.

We are particularly proud that the company Kurt Hofmann (today’s Conch Pearls GmbH) is mentioned by name, as we were able to support the author by providing appropriate pearls for her vivid visual material.


About the author:

She first trained as a gemologist with Professor Schloßmacher at the Institute for Gemstone Research in Idar-Oberstein, then in England and at the Gemological Institute of America in the USA. In 1967 Elisabeth Strack received the Tully Medal as a Fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain.

After several years of practical work as a gemologist, Elisabeth Strack founded her own gemstone laboratory in Hamburg “Gemmologsisches Institut Hamburg” in 1976.

Since then, Elisabeth Strack has made herself to an independent expert.


Hamburg Gemological Institute: Elisabeth Strack


from the book: Perlen, page 275

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